We are Team BREEZE!

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Who We Are?

Breeze Charitable Trust is a non-governmental organization (Reg. No.: MAH/226/2019/THANE) formed by a group of friends, all aged 22-23, who belong to the St. Mary’s High School, 2012 batch. We are all inspired for social service by our late beloved friend Mr. Gitesh Kamble (Gitu) who passed away on 10th September, 2018 due to cancer. He was the one who united us and he is still the backbone of this organization. We have been actively supported by many people, one of which is a very special person, Miss Bharati Kamble, sister of Mr. Gitesh Kamble. She has been an active member of the organization and a key advisor to the activities of the group. All members of our group are either students or working professionals. We work on weekends and public holidays. Our success in conducting activities shows the potential and skill each individual possesses along with the great sense of coordination and team work that we are proud of. We have taken an oath to never work for the organization with any expectation of monetary benefits. We pledge to work for the betterment of the society and make the world a better place to live.